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"Somewhere along our journey of human experience, we abandoned our souls in favor of our personalities.  Nowhere has this been more true than in our work, resulting in a great emptiness within the human spirit.  Yet our sense of loss and lack of fulfillment is temporary.  By honoring our souls once again, we will restore joy and grace throughout our work and the rest of our lives.”

Lance H.K. Secretan

Are You This Person?

· Are you a small business owner?

· Are you a leader looking to improve your value in business and life?

· Are you goal oriented?

· Are you open to new ideas?

· Do you believe in the value of education?

· Are you teachable?

· Do you believe that you can empower others to help you achieve goals?

· Is there a gap between the present condition of your enterprise and the way you want it to be ultimately?

· Are you willing to embark on a long-term process of change to get what you really want for your business and your life?

If you have answered yes to most of these questions, you should take the next step!

The Gap...

Every business owner has a vision when they start their business. Every leader within a company has a vision of the future of the business.  A shining vision of how it's going to be. That vision propels us forward over all of the obstacles in our way. Through the tough times. Through the lean times. We push forward trying to close the gap between the struggles of today and the distant vision, trying to close it…

So let go of the struggles of today and simply imagine that we are free to travel into the future of our dreams. Let's set the dials for five years out. The place? Our business or company, of course. Except, we have arrived at the business or position of our dreams. Exactly like we would have it, if we could have it any way we desire. No gap. Just perfect.

Let us assist you in filling The Gap in the following areas:

· Company Vision

· Personal Vision

· Servant Leadership

· Emotional Intelligence

· Time Management For Life & Business

· Ideal Client Profile

· Market Segmentation

· Positioning and Differentiating Market Segments

· Lead Referral Systems

· Partnering Systems

· Organizational Strategy

· Internal Mentoring Process

· Key Frustration Process


"The heart of a company lies within the vision created by the leadership. Communicating that vision is the blood that gives life to the company.  But the soul of the company is the "feeling" that comes from key management and the actions they take."

R.D. Olson - Founder, Awaken The Enterprise