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What is a soul? Does it need care, nurturing, awakening? Can we leave the soul behind when we go to work?

The soul is the part of us that holds the key to our life's purpose and our soul needs to be attended to and listened to daily. Getting in touch with our soul is a journey . . . our most important one. I've spent most of my adult life in executive management and always looked for ways to merge my spiritual needs into my daily routine. As my journey continues, join me in discovering spirituality in all we do so our soul is awake and aware.

R.D. Olson, Founder


 Awaken The Soul  has many ways to help you on your spiritual journey!

    Messages are regularly posted about the journey we are on together.  You can also subscribe at no fee to have them emailed to you directly.  Prior messages will be stored for your review.  

  • Seminars and Workshops

  • During the year we offer opportunities for you to explore you spiritual quest through gatherings facilitated by R.D. Olson

    Enter into a one-on-one relationship with another soul to help you in your own journey.  Go beyond unfulfilled New Year resolutions to reach your potential! 


  • Leadership With Purpose Blog


    In this blog I will share with you some observations from real life experiences that I have encountered in my own pursuit of becoming a leader who gets results without losing my own sense of purpose.